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AWL choose Mintsoft Software

We’re delighted to announce that AWL went live with Mintsoft on 1 August 2022.

The AWL Heathrow Logistics centre has seen consistent growth over the last three years, especially within our e-commerce offering. That’s why we decided to explore new Warehouse Management Systems to manage our fulfilment operations.

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Mintsoft order fulfilment software will help us to automate processes, reduce costs and save time

We looked at various WMS platforms before deciding on Mintsoft as the best solution for us. The order fulfilment software not only serves all our needs now. It also allows our future growth plans to be met.

The cloud-based software will ensure we stay ahead of the increasing demands of e-commerce and multichannel selling. It will help us to optimise the use of our warehouse space, increase the efficiency of staff members and make data-driven decisions based on real-time reporting.

About Mintsoft

This order fulfilment software helps to automate and manage clients' inventory, orders, and shipping, with the ability to track customer orders and inventory levels, generate shipping labels, and even automate the shipping process.

Get in touch

To discuss how we can help you, or for a short demo of what the system can do, please drop me an email:

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