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Shanghai Update: Resumption of Work

From 1 June 2022, Shanghai entered the stage of comprehensive and orderly resumption of work, bringing back normal production and life order to the city.

Shanghai has fully resumed normal production and daily operations as from 1 June 2022

To speed up the full resumption of work, production and professional service enterprises such as warehousing and logistics should resume work.

Shanghai authorities will support all enterprises that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention to resume work and production equally, and actively create conditions for the full resumption of work and production for the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises as soon as possible.

"The city will implement the regular epidemic preventive and control management, and fully restore the normal order of work and life." Zong Ming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai

This impacts the domestic and international logistics and transportation channels as follows:

  • Accelerate the promotion of the use of nationally unified and mutually recognised passes, improve the operation efficiency of inter-provincial transportation transfer stations, promote contactless logistics methods, and improve the efficiency of freight traffic.

  • Strictly implement anti-epidemic production safeguard measures at ports and airports, optimise delivery methods and port quarantine procedures, and ensure the orderly operation of the industrial chain, supply chain and shipping logistics. Accelerate the implementation of the freight support policies issued by the state. From 1 May 2022 to the end of the year, the income from eligible express delivery services will be exempted from value-added tax, and the re-loan funds will be used to support the financing of transportation, logistics and warehousing industries.

The resumption of normal service extends to public transportation. Inner-city public transportation, including buses and Metro service, will be restored in full from 1 June, with the COVID-19 pandemic resurgence effectively brought under control in Shanghai, the municipal government announced on Monday.

All residents in areas other than medium- and high-risk, locked-down and controlled areas will be able to leave their compounds freely and use their private cars from 12am on Wednesday.

Community committees, property owners' committees or property management firms are prohibited from restricting residents' movement in any manner, according to the announcement. Taxis, including those hailed on the Internet, will also restore normal operation, needing no pass to hit the road.

However, people who want to leave Shanghai in their private cars still need to submit applications to authorities on previously announced rules, the government said. Residents are reminded to observe pandemic control rules when using various transportation tools and entering certain venues.

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