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3PL: 5 Reasons to Choose AWL

AWL’s 3PL division is looking very healthy indeed. With 2022 year-to-date numbers up by an incredible 71% on e-commerce and wholesale orders, we’re in a very good place.

Alongside those figures, we have seen three new contracts started this year. Plus a new webstore for a well-known retailer, which is due to roll out at the end of June. It’s fair to say the future is looking rosy.

AWL’s 3PL division is showing a 71% increase on e-commerce and wholesale orders

5 Reasons to Work with AWL

So why are people turning to 3PL providers to outsource their operational logistics? Here are just a few reasons why businesses are choosing to work with AWL…

1. We’re experts in our field

At AWL, we know the 3PL business inside out. Pass over your logistics, and you’ll instantly be cashing in on this priceless expertise. Whether you’re struggling with fulfilment, warehousing or shipping, we know exactly how to handle those challenges.

2. We’ll reduce your costs

You’ll find we can negotiate excellent prices with freight companies on your behalf. Based on volume and order, we can bring the rates down to a level that works for you. You’ll also save on warehousing costs, as we can handle all your space and staffing.

3. We’ll free up your time

Outsource to us, and you’ll have time to focus on other aspects of your business. Just leave the logistics in our capable hands and concentrate on sales, HR or whatever is most pressing for your business. We’ll free up your time for what you’re best at.

4. We’ll give you happy customers

Customers have high expectations these days. They want their orders faster than ever before. Here at AWL, we’ll deliver on those expectations. Our wide distribution network ensures the fast shipping that customers demand.

5. We’ll take on the paperwork

Now, more than ever, international logistics is a minefield of customs, documentation, rules and duties. However, the sales team at AWL know exactly what’s needed for every project, ensuring you won’t encounter border issues or amass extra costs.

Get in touch

Interested in finding out more about our 3PL services? Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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