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An Exciting & Successful Final Quarter

October greetings to all our readers. I sincerely hope our latest blog finds you well and that you have enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing summer.

It feels like only yesterday when I was putting pen to paper with our August edition. Here we are now with three-quarters of the year down! The pace of life and business, in general, is relentless these days, I am sure we can all agree.

The UK's economy has grown 1.8% since the pandemic

In this regard, I am extremely happy to confirm that the pace of the UK economy seems to know no bounds. A recent ONS report revealed that the UK's economy has grown 1.8% since the pandemic. This may seem insignificant, but it is strikingly different from the previous estimate of a 0.2% contraction. It is showing a great economic rebound, which is in stark contrast to some of our European neighbours who have not experienced anywhere near such growth.

The pace of the UK economy seems to know no bounds

And talking of growth, here at AWL, we are in discussion with a major automotive manufacturer to provide our ‘PRR’ warranty repair returns service on a regional basis. So, fingers crossed, we will have some additional good news to announce toward the end of the year.

Continuing our trend of positivity, we have a new face on the team. In the blog, you’ll be introduced to our new Regional Manager in Exeter. He is hitting the ground running and making excellent contract wins in the Southwest area. Graham, keep that foot to the pedal and full steam ahead!

Wishing you all an exciting and successful last quarter of 2023. I’m leaving you for now on a positive thought; always remember it is your attitude that is critical to your success!

Happy reading,

David Stevens, CEO

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