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Antique Gaming Wheel Shipped to France

Our Glasgow office was tasked with the exciting opportunity to ship a beautiful Gaming Wheel to France.

The Early 20th Century Gaming Wheel by H C Evans, Chicago, Illinois, was worth £20,000. So some very careful handling was required. It went through our specialist packing team before making its onward journey across the channel.

The elaborately embellished central engraved starburst mirror featured light fittings to points surrounded by further engraved and rear-painted mirrors numbered 1-60, along with further light fixtures between exterior tines.


It also featured a retro-fitted motor/electricity labelled Stakis Casino to drive the spin and operate lighting.


The antique wheel measured 214cm high x 145cm wide x 57cm deep, and was constructed in a heavy laminate wood, with metal spokes cast from an alloy. It was mounted on a cast iron tripod base.


This was a challenging but rewarding shipment, and the kind of project we love to get involved with.

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