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CEO's Viewpoint: It Feels Like Peak Season All Year Round

Welcome yet again to the latest edition of our now world famous AWL blog. I say ‘world famous’ because we have received very positive feedback from our partners and customers globally. It means it’s been getting read, and enjoyed!

Autumn road
Autumn is set to be a hectic peak season for AWL. But some would say it's been peak season all year

It’s September already and the nights are starting to darken earlier and earlier. As we say goodbye to summer and head into Autumn, it looks set to be an extremely hectic peak season for AWL. Although some would say, it has felt like peak season all year round. We talk about this positive trend in more detail in our Need-to-Know section.

We are now out of our third lockdown here in the UK, with a substantial percentage of the population vaccinated. Bars, restaurants, sporting arenas and shops are finally reopening, and it does seem that a degree of normality is returning. However, as we approach the Autumn and Winter seasons, we must not get complacent and drop our guard.

‘No more lockdowns’ is the message here

‘No more lockdowns’ is the message here. We continue to focus on good news, such as the UK factory output growing for a 15th consecutive month in August. The UK manufacturing PMI reading for the period was 60.3. That’s well above the 50-mark denoting growth. It is good news indeed.

Happy reading once again, and always remember, a positive mindset brings positive things!

David Stevens

Managing Director

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