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CLN 20th Annual Partnership Meeting

We’re heading out to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to take part in the CLN’s 20th Annual Partnership Meeting.

The 20th Annual Partnership Meeting of the Combined Logistics Networks (CLN) takes place from March 12 – 15th and offers a fantastic opportunity to meet with freight forwarders worldwide.

Our CEO, David Stevens will be in attendance at this important event.

David is there to establish new business opportunities and develop new connections within the industry.

Make sure you book a meeting with him via the CLN app.

This is an opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of experienced freight forwarders from all around the world. It’s a special and exclusive event that strengthens our community, and we’re delighted to be a part of it.

See you in Phnom, Penh!


Combined Logistics Networks (CLN) is one of the most established and dynamic freight forwarding networks in the world since 2002. It is the home to the most reliable and quality independent freight forwarders worldwide.

Currently, CLN has over 300 independent international forwarders from 75 countries with global focus and local solutions. Their specialties are to connect strong, independent freight forwarding and logistics outfits and unite you under one solid network.

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