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CCC: Annual Partnership Meeting

Cold Chain Connect’s third Annual Partnership Meeting takes place on May 14-17, 2023 at The Reverie Saigon, Vietnam. This annual event provides an opportunity to meet hundreds of specialized forwarders within the perishables industry.

This important event is co-hosted with the Global Aircargo Alliance and Life Logistics Network, maximising the networking opportunity. The four-day event will be held at the Reverie Saigon in Vietnam, a globally known hotel with 6-star services and facilities. A great place to hold a conference!

Wes Grundy from AWL will be in attendance.

He’s keen to chat with other specialists in the industry and is looking forward to forging new connections as well as strengthening existing ones.

It’s a chance to meet 100+ top-notch forwarders specializing in Perishables.

This event not only strengthens the perishables freight forwarding community, but also creates new bridges for new business opportunities with new members that have recently come on board.

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About Cold Chain Connect

Cold Chain Connect is the world’s first and largest network for Perishable Freight Forwarders.

Their endeavour is to build a network of the best cold chain operators from all over the world and create a platform for members to meet and exchange business. More importantly, they believe in fostering meaningful relationships that go far beyond business.

Moving perishable freight is a highly specialized task that only companies with the expertise in the business can be trusted with it. It demands dedicated attention throughout the supply chain, which their partnership network is confident to provide seamlessly.

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