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Flowers: A Dynamic Global Industry

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Did you know that flowers are big business? In fact, the flower market is a dynamic, fast-growing global industry.

At the centre of this thriving industry lies the Netherlands, both an important producer for cut flowers and a key importer from developing countries. It’s also a central trade hub with its prime logistic position within Europe.

AWL export daffodil bulbs to the Netherlands, and import the grown plants back into the UK

Here at AWL, we deal with several farms in the UK that produce seasonal daffodil bulbs to export to the Netherlands. The bulbs are shipped to multiple growing farms across the Netherlands, well-known for their rich, fertile soil.

Here at AWL, we deal with several farms that export daffodil bulbs to the Netherlands

AWL also handles the import of the finished grown product back into the UK to complete the cycle. As such, we handle deliveries of daffodils direct to gardens centres and shops throughout the country.

All plant material needs a phytosanitary certificate

Of course, there are many statutory controls on the import and export of plants and plant products. Every move is handled under close scrutiny.

As the UK has now left the EU, there are new restrictions for bringing plant material into Great Britain from the EU. All plant material arriving from the EU must now have a phytosanitary certificate and be carried under T1 status.

Despite all this extra paperwork, AWL is committed to supporting the UK flower industry and are optimistic that trade will continue to flow smoothly.

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