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ICS2: Are You Ready For The Changes?

From 3 June 24, the ICS2 for maritime regulation will impact cargo movements into the EU.


Release 3 will affect all operators carrying goods by sea, road, and rail. Industry experts are closely monitoring the implementation planning and guidance, specifically regarding complex maritime routings and their impact on business processes.

cargo shipping
The current focus is on maritime traffic. Deployment begins on 3 June 24.


What’s the timeline?

The current focus is on maritime traffic. Deployment begins on 3 June 24 and continues to October 24 for maritime carriers and April 25 for maritime house-level filers. Road and rail will follow in the next phase, from April 25 to September 25.


Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)

When moving goods into the EU, filers are now required to complete an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset before arrival. This is necessary for the EU to conduct risk analysis for safety and security purposes. To comply with ICS2 ENS data filing requirements, many businesses will need to reassess their internal systems and processes, and provide training to employees on the new regulations.


What are the main challenges?
  1. Visibility, control, and information-sharing can be challenging for carriers since their filings depend on forwarders' filings.

  2. Determining, managing, and collecting the required data elements for ICS2 compliance can be a complex and time-consuming process.

  3. Optimizing processes with technology will be crucial, from managing real-time data to filing subsequent reports.


What are the implications of Brexit?

The UK is no longer part of the EU for customs purposes. This means that air cargo flights from the UK to the EU will now require ICS2 pre-arrival declarations, similar to other third countries. The UK itself does not have such requirements, except for goods entering Northern Ireland.


What’s next?

ICS2 will require communication and cooperation between parties, as well as timely filing with government agencies. It will be increasingly important to stay connected and keep each other informed to meet the requirements.

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