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In Expert Hands: Chemical Logistics

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Finding the right chemical 3PL partner is never a simple process. You need a third-party logistics provider who not only safely complies with all regulatory requirements. They also need to fit smoothly into your existing supply chain.

Chemical storage
When it comes to chemicals, you need a 3PL provider that can comply with all regulatory requirements

You’re looking for a company with a first-class reputation for chemical logistics. And that’s not just their marketing material we’re talking about. You’ll also want to source references from current and previous customers.

AWL offers an expert 3PL chemical service that ticks all these boxes

It’s also vital to ensure that the company has experience of handling your specific class of chemicals. This covers everything from optimising storage environments, ensuring sufficient separation between chemical classes, and adhering to structural requirements.

This also covers the experience level of their staff. Are the people supervising and operating your business fully up to speed with regulations, policies and procedures? Is there a quality training programme in place?

We have secured a deal with a global chemical manufacturer, acting as their UK FSL

AWL offers an expert 3PL chemical service that ticks all these boxes. That’s why we’ve just secured a deal with a global chemical manufacturer. We will be acting as their UK FSL (Forward Stocking Location), based just North of London. AWL will be responsible for logistics management from global factories, UK distribution to point of use, including stock holding and replenishment of Bulk ISO containers.

If you would like more information on our 3PL services, please get in touch.

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