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Meet the Glasgow Team

Get to know the Glasgow Team a bit better. We’ve asked them some searching questions to give you the insider viewpoint.

Roger Berry AWL
Kenneth Brodie - Enjoys family time

Kenneth Brodie

Title: Regional Manager - Scotland

Based: Glasgow

First job: Shelf Packer at Presto

First concert: U2 at the Barrowlands

Favourite sport: Football

Perfect weekend: Relaxing with family What surprised you about AWL:

All staff working as a team for the benefit of AWL

Heather Melrose - Zero cooking skills

Heather Melrose

Title: Operations Co-ordinator

Based: Glasgow

First job: Ice cream van, making 99s

First concert: Duran Duran

Favourite sport: Skiing

Hidden talent: I can burn a salad

Cat or dog person: Dog

Choose a superpower: Invisibility

Garry Gallagher - Secret table tennis star

Garry Gallagher

Title: Business Development Manager

Based: Glasgow

First job: Discount Bike World

First concert: U2 in Glasgow

Favourite sport: Football and boxing

Hidden talent: Table tennis

Cat or dog person: Dog (I'm a huge fan)

What surprised you about AWL:

The trust they put in you, and the autonomy to just do the job

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