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Bridge Improves Access to Glasgow Airport

We now have direct access to the airport, thanks to the opening of the Renfrewshire Road Bridge. The new bridge provides a critical connection for businesses across the White Cart River.

The new bridge provides a critical connection for AWL, giving us direct access to Glasgow Airport

Renfrewshire Council has built the 70-metre Barnwell Street bridge to link business centres on either side of the river. It is part of a series of improvements funded by the Scottish and UK Governments through the Glasgow City Region City Deal.

“The new bridge will help the local economy to take off by connecting companies across the White Cart and supporting residents to cycle and walk to work. The UK Government is investing in exciting projects like the Barnwell Street bridge as part of £2billion for levelling up communities right across Scotland."

Iain Stewart, UK Government Minister for Scotland

The crossing enables vehicles coming from Paisley to access commercial premises on the Renfrew side and gives Renfrew companies a new connection into AMIDS, Glasgow Airport and the motorway network.

Around 90% of our export and import business is currently handled through Glasgow Airport, so this bridge is a critical connection for AWL. It will help us reduce our emissions by cutting down journey time to the airport.

The improved infrastructure will help with future growth in the region, attracting more manufacturing businesses and further boosting demand for our services. It’s a win-win situation!

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