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New Zealand Para Cycling Shipment

AWL Glasgow, along with our NZ partners Oceanbridge, has been nominated to coordinate on behalf of the New Zealand Para cycling Team the handling of specialised Time Trial Bikes.

AWL Glasgow and Oceanbridge will coordinate the handling of specialised Time Trial Bikes.

The shipment includes equipment and the team's personal belongings who are attending the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships here in Glasgow.

What is Para Cycling?

Para cycling is cycling for people with impairments resulting from a health condition (disability). Para athletes with physical impairments either compete on handcycles, tricycles or bicycles, while those with a visual impairment compete on tandems with a sighted ‘pilot’.

Sports Equipment in Para Cycling

Para cyclists can go faster than 60km per hour on the track. At the Paralympic Games, standard racing bikes are used by Para cyclists, but they are allowed modifications. For Para athletes with an arm impairment, handlebars are modified depending on which hand has more mobility. Para athletes with leg amputations are allowed to fix their prosthesis to the pedal.

Para Cycling in New Zealand

New Zealand has had an extremely strong representation of Para cyclists on the world stage, including the multiple world champion visually impaired Para cyclist Emma Foy who won multiple medals at World Championship and World Cup events in both road and track events.

Flight Updates

Plus… we’re delighted to report some good news in the region. Flight schedules from GLA, now with additional Emirates flights, are now operating three flights daily ex Scotland to DXB.

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