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Open Your Own AWL Branch

Thanks to our excellent mid-year momentum, we have strong strategic plans for the second half of 2023. Following a period of careful evaluation and development, AWL is poised for significant further growth.

With an eye on our continued growth, we are looking to open a regional office in Essex region.

office building
As part of our continued growth plans, AWL is looking to expand into the Essex region.

This opportunity would suit a Senior Business Development Manager to develop the region with the aim of opening a regional office.

Alternatively, we would be happy to look at a team procurement situation to form a ready-made branch.

We’re looking for experienced, forward-thinking individuals with a real understanding of the logistics business, along with the organisation and implementation of complex operations. You’ll need in-depth knowledge of the market, understand how to boost sales, ensure effective customer management, leverage digital platforms and build the AWL brand to new heights.

For more details on this unique opportunity, please contact:

Update on our New Exeter Office

Our new regional office in the South West is gaining momentum and the shipment count is clocking up much faster than expected. Over the coming months, our sales focus is to keep the progression and development in the region going.

For more information, and what we can do for you locally, please reach out to us:

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