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Out of Gauge Cargo Shipment to Mauritius

Our Manchester team recently arranged a significant OOG shipment - from Wakefield down to Port Louis Mauritius.

OOG shipment
Larger shipments require a specialist team who understands all elements of the process.

The collection was completed on two vehicles, which both required a police escort due to overwidth. Thanks to the handling by our excellent team, they were both delivered to London gateway for loading onto a 40’ Flat Rack. The shipment sailed as booked.

Another great job from the Manchester team!

Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo

Out of Gauge cargo refers to large or unwieldy cargo that does not fit into standard shipping containers. OOG cargo could be anything from large coaches or trailers to aircraft parts or construction machinery.

The unusual dimensions and weights of these cargo loads require specialised heavy-duty equipment to handle them. The handling of such items requires particular care and precision, as they can easily be damaged during transportation.

As you can imagine, moving larger shipments requires unique container solutions. In this case, a flatbed container was used. As the name implies, flatbeds don’t have any walls or a roof; hence, the only restriction is the weight of the OOG cargo.

Considerations for OOG Cargo
  • Sea freight restrictions - International freight movement prohibits Out of Gauge cargo from being shipped in a closed shipping container. As an experienced freight forwarder, AWL can advise on the best method for sea freight.

  • Large load equipment - You’ll need an abnormal load permit if the overall dimensions of your shipment exceed 18.65m in length, 2.90m wide or 44000kgs. AWL’s experience in the movement of road freight and oversized cargo will take the guesswork out of the equation.

  • Accurate documentation - You’ll need to accurately list the cargo dimensions to avoid delays or even financial prosecution. Our team can ensure precise documentation at all times.

Larger shipments require a specialist team who understands all elements of the process, from specialist vehicles to lashings to paperwork. By working with AWL, you can ensure the costs are controlled, and the shipment is handled expertly at all stages of the journey.

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Got any OOG queries, or looking for a cost-effective quote on your next shipment? The sales team is here to help.

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