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Perishables Shipped for US Masters

Our Glasgow team took on a special shipment for the US Masters in April. The team moved a

large consignment of Fresh Scottish Salmon, Cheese and other Scottish produce in time for the golf tournament.

The Masters Tournament is the first of the four professional golf major championships held annually in April. It is held at Augusta National Golf Course, Georgia, United States.


(Sadly, the Scottish delicacy of deep-fried Mars Bars was not permitted due to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules)


Shipping Perishables

When it comes to shipping perishables, you need reliable and specialised experts on hand.


Here at AWL, we understand the unique challenges and requirements involved in maintaining product quality during transit.


We offer advanced packaging solutions tailored to each product's needs. This includes temperature-controlled packaging, insulated containers, and appropriate handling protocols to ensure your products arrive 100% fresh.


And you can rely on AWL to adhere to all regulatory requirements and industry standards for shipping perishables. Our quality assurance processes guarantee that your products are handled and transported with utmost care and compliance.


Contact our team:

With years of experience in shipping perishable goods, AWL has a superb reputation for reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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