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Phased Approach to CDS Export Migration

CDS is replacing the UK Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) service. With the import service in full flow, it is now starting to implement the new export service.

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HMRC is introducing a phased approach for moving export declarations to CDS.

This new phased approach for businesses moving export declarations to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) was announced by HMRC in August 2023. After listening to feedback from industry, HMRC has decided on a phased approach for businesses moving to CDS for exports.

Phase 1

In phase one, HMRC and its software developers will support selected high-volume declarants to move to CDS for exports by Thursday 30 November 2023.

Phase 2

The second stage of this approach will see all other businesses move to CDS for exports by Saturday 30 March 2024.

Why the phased approach?

This new approach will enable HMRC and delivery partners to build on the existing IT testing as well as undertake additional performance analysis while businesses with the existing IT functionality start to migrate. It will also enable HMRC and their delivery partners to better support export declarants to make a smooth migration to CDS.

What does HMRC say?

“Having worked closely with our industry partners, we’re introducing a phased approach for moving export declarations to CDS. Those businesses who have the IT functionality in place are still able to move across to CDS by Thursday 30 November 2023, ahead of the majority who will now migrate at the beginning of 2024.

Full guidance, resources and support will be available for all declarants to ensure the transition across to CDS is as smooth as possible for every business.”

Sarah Hartley, Director of Border Change Delivery at HMRC

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your AWL representative who will be happy to discuss how this may affect you and your business.

For full information, please see the government announcement:

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