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The Final Quarter: On Track For A Positive Finish

A warm hello once again to you all as we accelerate through the year, arriving at the beginning of the last quarter of 2022. Where did the summer go? Once again, I sincerely hope our latest blog finds you all well and looking forward to the final few months of the year.

autumn road
AWL is on track for a positive end to the year as we enter the final quarter

I’m very happy to advise that we are still on track to start 2023 with our accreditations for both ISO 9001 & 14001 being approved. For those unaware, ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) accreditation means we have proved that our services and processes are world-class in their quality, safety and efficiency. This is hugely reassuring not only for us but also for our customers and partners globally. I will keep you updated as we progress with audits taking place over the coming weeks.

Operationally, we have had a very strong third quarter which bodes well for a positive end to the year. We also continue to look to add members to our sales team as we persist along the aggressive sales-driven path that has served us well in recent years.

A very strong third quarter bodes well for a positive end to the year

September has also seen the implementation of a new HM Customs Import Clearance system (CDS) which replaces the 40-year-old CHIEF arrangement. I am very pleased to report that our import teams' superb planning and application have made for a smooth transition. There have been some teething issues, but we are ahead of the game and well-prepared to move forward. Further information about CDS can be found in the blog.

Finally, it is with some sadness, though, to report the reality of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, which we all hoped and wished would certainly be over by now. We continue to pray that this will be the case when I write again.

We are told that economic, and therefore financial, headwinds are soon to be hitting us. But those old enough will recall that we have been here before and will face whatever comes our way with the usual positive mental attitude. As someone once told me, virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive mindset.

Happy reading!

David Stevens


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