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What is There Not to be Optimistic About?

Season’s greetings, and a very good morning, afternoon or evening to all our readers wherever you are, whatever time it is!

You will know me by now; I am not one of those individuals wishing our time away. But I do feel incredibly lucky we can do so with continued positive news announcements throughout our 21st year operating as one of the UK’s premier small to medium-sized enterprises. It's always challenging but always enjoyable, as we look forward to continuing in the same vein in 2024 – bring it on!

I can feel the sense of optimism and positivity as the New Year speeds towards us.

This year, we have seen the UK economic outlook experience some highs and some lows in much the same way as the global economy. But one thing we can say is, as a nation, we do have a sense of optimism and positivity. I can feel this coming through as we look forward to the New Year speeding towards us.

Economic growth continues to creep up, along with some positive news. As I type, the latest inflation figures are at the lowest level for the last two years. So, what is there not to be optimistic about?

You will read in our last blog of the year we continue to add new members to the AWL family. And even more exciting, early in 2024 we will also be announcing yet another new facility due to open by the end of Q1. Watch this space!

Early in 2024, we will be announcing the opening of yet another new facility

My message for this time of year is that Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek ways to make life better for us all. So let us have a truly wonderful and happy Christmas and look forward to the New Year surrounded with a positive spirit for the good times we can surely look forward to.

Before I sign off, I also want to thank all of our wonderful customers and partners overseas for your support throughout the year. We look forward to the same in 2024 and are indeed truly thankful.

David Stevens, CEO

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