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White Glove Service for Data-Shield

Think about the white gloves worn by servers in fine dining. It’s a top-class service, exceeding expectations. This is the idea behind white glove services in the world of logistics. It refers to the handling of care used when moving products.

In shipping, this means that every precaution is taken on handling of the product. Products requiring white glove service are those that can be easily damaged or of high value. This includes large household appliances, furniture and expensive electronics.

White glove service
AWL offers the white glove service for high value and easily damaged products

White glove service has major implications for reducing liability and damages. This means lower premiums and fewer claims for the shipper.

In addition, reverse logistics become more effective. Since fewer returns come in, malfunctioning products and other problems can identified faster. As such, white glove services also drive the costs of managing returns and reverse logistics down.

AWL has signed a three-year support contract with Data-Shield Ltd to provide this level of white glove service.

Offering a secure 1,200 square foot stocking location at our Sunbury HQ, AWL is able to support Data-Shield on a national level.

Data-Shield have field engineers on the road, needing immediate access to parts and components. AWL ensure that this equipment is available as required, without delay or damage, however tight the time frame.

Data-Shield stock
Data-Shield stock on shelves at AWL Sunbury HQ

Our 24/7/365 control tower gives complete flexibility on delivery schedules. Data-Shield can select from Immediate system down, Rush Technical Courier, Timed and Next Day courier options. Basically - whatever they need, whenever they need it.

AWL’s White Glove Service will help Data-Shield meet customer demand, reduce liabilities and improve reverse logistics.

About Data Shield

Data Shield is one of the UK's largest providers of multi-vendor Storage Area Networks and Data Centre Connectivity Support. They specialise in data centre connectivity solutions, providing a range of maintenance and support services to large data centre enterprise customers and IT service providers.

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