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Christmas? It’s Never Too Early

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Can you believe it? It's already less than 100 days until Christmas.

It’s never too early to mention the C word here at AWL. In fact, the Glasgow team have started weekly shipments of Shortbread Biscuits to Brazil for the Christmas shops.

We have already started weekly shipments of shortbread to Brazil for the Christmas season.

The fact is, if your business relies on importing and exporting goods across the world, you’ll need to be thinking ahead for the Christmas season. Planning your logistics way in advance is an absolute must. It never hurts to be well-prepared.

Christmas 2022 looks set to be a testing period for us all. Inflation, recession fears and supply chain disruption are all valid concerns, and many are preparing for a challenging holiday season.

However, addressing concerns now will increase the likelihood that your customers are left with a warm glow come December. The summer months are a vital time to assess and, if necessary, reinvent your logistics strategy. Take the time now, and you’ll ensure success when Christmas finally arrives.

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