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Exciting New Developments to Share

Greetings to all our readers as we reach the mid-way point in 2023. This year continues to power on without any signs of slowing down.

From a business point of view, this must be a good thing for sure. And to me, it’s a clear indicator that the UK is likely to avoid falling into recession as previously predicted by some economists. Good news, indeed!

plane on runway
There are some big developments taking place at AWL this summer.

We have some exciting developments to share in this issue of the blog. We’re delighted to welcome on board some new operational team members joining our London Heathrow office in both our Import & Export departments. This is all due to increased business and customer demand. AWL continues to reap the benefits of new contract gains across the range of services provided from all UK locations.

Our latest facility will soon be opening in Exeter, Devon

And talking about locations, I am extremely pleased to announce further expansion taking place here at Advantage Worldwide. Our latest facility will soon be opening in Exeter, Devon. Find out more about this exciting new development here. Further information to follow once we are fully operational, so watch this space!

The opening of Advantage Worldwide in this region reminds me of some words of wisdom once shared with me. “The only thing a company should ever do is to keep moving forward.” That is indeed what AWL continues to do - there’s no sense in standing still.

Happy reading to you all, and enjoy your summer.

David Stevens


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