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Meet the Sales Team

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We’ve pulled together some light-hearted profiles to help you get to know your local contacts a bit better. Take some time out to meet the AWL sales team...

Sam Watts
Sam Watts - Enjoys quality family time


Name: Sam Watts

Title: Far East Route Development Manager

Based: London

Joined AWL: August 2020

Likes: A good bottle of wine and quality family time

Football Team: Tottenham Hotspur

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Wes Grundy - Manchester United supporter


Name: Wes Grundy

Title: National Business Development Manager

Based: Manchester

Joined AWL: October 2020

Likes: Good food, fine cheese, and rum

Football Team: Manchester United

Interesting Fact: He’s a Manchester United supporter who actually lives in Manchester

Garry Gallagher - Loves curry, hates veg


Name: Garry Gallagher

Title: Business Development Manager - Scotland

Based: Glasgow Office

Joined AWL: December 2020

Likes: Curry

Dislikes: Vegetables

Football Team: Glasgow Celtic

Interesting Fact: He competed in the 200m

Scottish Schools National finals

Simon Barnes
Simon Barnes - Tarzan competition finalist


Name: Simon Barnes

Title: National Sales Manager

Based: Head Office

Joined AWL: April 2014

Likes: Travel, networking and roast lamb

Dislikes: Squeaky cheese

Football Team: West Ham United

Interesting Fact: He came second in regional Tarzan competition at Haven Holiday (aged 8)

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