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Record Turnover Comes at a Cost

Greetings to you all wherever you are reading this latest AWL blog. It warms me greatly to know that from Tromso to Timbuktu and beyond, our company update is being read by the many, not the few!

I sincerely hope this finds you well as we march head-on into 2022 with April already upon us.

Our record turnover comes at a cost; driven by the global surge in ocean and air costs

I am pleased to share with you that 2021 was a year of solid growth for the company through our sales efforts and great support from our loyal customers and partners overseas.

A record turnover was achieved, albeit driven, it must be said, by the excruciatingly painful surge in ocean and air costs globally. We have all had to adapt to this but let us hope the markets begin to settle down and a degree of normality returns. Although based on the sad and unnecessary events a little East of here, I think it may take a while yet.

Let us hope the markets begin to settle down and a degree of normality returns

China also seems to be embarking on another round of Covid driven shutdowns just at the moment. We thought the end was in sight, but it is clear that we have not entirely reached the end of this cycle.

There are so many other issues I could speak about, but I fear it may take up the whole blog itself, so I will leave such matters to another day.

I am an optimist by nature, so I will leave you all on this note. We will surely find happiness and achieve our goals through the power of positive thought. Stay positive!

David Stevens


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