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UK Border Control Consultation Begins

A consultation on proposals to introduce charges at government-run Border Control Posts (BCPs) in England was launched on 12 June. This is ahead of the planned implementation of full animal and plant health checks on commercial EU imports from 31 January 2024 to protect our borders.

The proposed range of border checks will strengthen the UK’s domestic biosecurity

The four-week consultation will invite industry views on the introduction of charges for commercial plant, plant products and animal imports from the EU from next year to support the introduction of robust biosecurity measures.

The consultation aims to ensure a fair and proportionate approach to a future charging system at government-run Border Control Posts, whilst keeping the UK safe from threats like African Swine Fever.

The proposed range of checks will strengthen the UK’s domestic biosecurity and protect UK producers and consumers from dangerous and costly disease outbreaks.

Strong import controls are fundamental to ensure that we can protect the UK’s food supply chain, our food and farming industries, and our natural environment from biosecurity risks. Failing to do this risks a much bigger impact for people later – for instance, losing the ability to export pork due to African Swine Fever would cost the economy £567 million.

“Biosecurity controls on goods imported into the UK are vital to safeguard and improve our high biosecurity standards. Through this consultation, we can ensure that a fair and proportionate approach to BCP charging is taken.” Biosecurity Minister, Lord Benyon

The consultation will run until 9 July. Click here to find out more.

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