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CEO's Viewpoint: Onwards & Upwards

Once again, warm greetings to you all as we find ourselves just over halfway through 2021. Where did the first six months go?!

Being an optimist by nature, I prefer to focus on the positives that we as a company and UK PLC have experienced these past few months. I am happy to say there have been quite a few.

plane in sky
The UK economy is really taking off, with promising growth in GDP

With 75% of the UK's population vaccinated up to July 1st, it is an incredible achievement that bodes well for the opening up of the UK economy in full, with the latest date given for Freedom Day as July 19th. We are so ready!

Economists are forecasting the fastest growth in GDP since 1941

Economists are forecasting UK GDP will rise by 7.2% in 2021, which will be the fastest growth since 1941. Things are certainly looking up, barring any Covid related slips or mishaps along the way.

Plane above clouds
Flying high: AWL has seen double-digit growth in transactions and revenues

In an earlier blog, I reported on our continued investment in both our sales and operational teams. I am happy to say we have seen significant double-digit growth in our transaction count along with revenues during the first half of this year. I am equally optimistic this trend will continue throughout 2021 – onwards and upwards is our theme this year!

We have seen significant growth in our transaction count, and our revenues in the first half of 2021

You may have noticed I have not mentioned Brexit. That's entirely intentional. We are moving on...

Happy reading, and let us stay positive. We just do not get another chance at this.

David Stevens

Managing Director

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