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CEO's Viewpoint: A Positive Outlook

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Thankfully, here we are in December. The COVID 19 vaccine is almost with us so we can look forward to the New Year 2021 with at least some optimism.

What a year this has been, a year that not one of us can say we have experienced before. This in itself has been a learning curve like no other. I sincerely hope you are reading our new blog with your families, colleagues and of course yourselves all safe and well.

port worker
AWL is looking forward to the new opportunities in the coming year

Keeping open, keeping safe

Classified as an essential part of UK PLC as a freight forwarding and logistics company, we have remained open throughout the year providing our air, ocean and road freight operations to our UK customer base as well as partners overseas. To enable us to do this I can only say a big thank you to the dedication of our teams in London, Glasgow and Manchester that have made this happen.

We have installed the necessary equipment to ensure our environment is as safe as can possibly be. This has been done with a strict adherence to the rules and regulations, as laid out by UK GOV to cope and get us through this pandemic.

Worker with mask
We're working hard to keep everyone safe, whilst keeping our doors open for business

A positive outlook on Brexit

May I also touch on the ‘small’ issue of Brexit and the transition period ending with the UK leaving the EU but I hasten to add, not Europe from January 2021. As I go to type, we have yet to reach an FTA (free trade agreement) with the EU but, I am optimistic this will happen before the year is out.

“We as a company, as well as a country, are ready for whatever the New Year brings us.”

Either way let me assure you that we as a company, as well as a country, are ready for whatever the New Year brings us. Please reach out to any of our offices or any member of our sales team if you seek advice on transportation or customs clearance for your goods travelling between the UK / EU or EU / UK. We have the necessary expertise and systems in place now that can assist you in any way you need to keep your business moving.

As I have often said, I am an optimist by nature so let me finish this piece by wishing you all a very safe and Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I believe 2021 will see us return to a degree of normality very swiftly and a new outward looking United Kingdom.

Happy reading,

David Stevens

Managing Director

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1 Comment

Marco Bertuzzi
Marco Bertuzzi
Dec 11, 2020

Well done real Congratulation abt

Our feeling is exactly same

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